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We have various products and equipment for irrigation systems which you are able to use as appropriate and the needs of your plants

Irrigation Products
image002_tumbDrip Tape
Online Emitters
Fitting & Accessories

(Golf & Landscape)



Our service to design and installation for the irrigation system in Golf courses and Landscape by our expert including to provide recommendations of appropriated systems, equipment and budget as your need.



We are the representative to supply and install greenhouses including consulting the systems of greenhouse for farmers who are looking for the new solution to improve and increase the ability of productivity. We have highly experienced professionals to design the appropriated greenhouse accordance with plants environment and operation. Our equipment is produced by high quality materials, high durability and strength as well as closely monitored in every step of installation. We provide recommendation of system thoroughly after installation. You are able to ensure you will benefit most and worth the investment.


Mechanized Irrigation Systems

We have a service to supply and consulting about the irrigation machines. That is good for farmers who are looking for the solution to irrigate their plants in large area at once. There are various type to irrigate such as Pivot, Linear and Reel Machine.
Our expert is able to provide the appropriated design and installation of irrigation machine with area, plants and budget for your most benefit.



Fertilizer & Chemicals

ปุ๋ยสูตร NPK เพิ่มสารสกัดจากสาหร่ายทะเล ละลายน้ำหมดจด ปราศจากคลอไรด์และไม่ทิ้งสิ่งตกค้างบนดิน เหมาะสำหรับการให้ปุ๋ยทางระบบน้ำ